What's new readers heads up if you watch MMA than you saw Kalib  VS McGregor  but that's not the point Paddington 2 is the point great movie well you cant watch it on the  big screen any more you can rent it on TV family friendly if you are long time Paddington fan than this is the way to go spoiler alert Paddington goes to JAIL and turns it into a friendly neighborhood. this movie is worth every cent.
Hey readers I decided to be a movie critic a restaurant critic but most importantly a book blogger .
I'll start with Incredible 2 the movie funny, amazing, and had many amazing twists. A grate sequel to the first movie. But I have to say the flashing light sequins can really make a person a little dizzy .       Other than that, seeing the movie on a big screen is worth your money!

Cam Jancin By David A. Adler

Cam has no cons .  She is still a good story and I'm in 4th grade.  Even my sister likes Cam.  And she is a picky reader. I may have nothing else to say. But read them in order.
The book Felicity Peril at King's Creek has pros cons like all books . Here are its pros. The mystery is great. I loved it. It was awesome. It was all based on guesses, that was awesome. And it was so engaging. I could never put it down. Here are its cons. It had to much suspense. It needed much lees suspense. And I would always ask myself is that it because of all the suspenseful scenarios. It took a few chapters until the mystery was solved. It was rich history and leave your comments below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!